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Connectors are Travelers Vol.02 Minamo, South Korea

In Emblem Hotel, we call ourselves “connectors”.
We always think that each of our member is a person who connect people, like between locals and travelers.

As a connector, who connect travelers from all over the world, we also need to have travelers’ mind-set. So we decided to encourage our colleagues to take a vacation for traveling, and share “travelers’ point of view” within our member.

Minamo, front desk connector in Emblem Stay Kanazawa , wrote her “Connectors are travelers” column.


Where is your destination?


I went to South Korea.


Why did you choose South Korea for your visit?


Because I used to stay one year in South Korea when I was studying in university. I feel like I want to visit there at least twice a year! I love hot foods in Korea and I miss these foods sometimes.


What is your motto of traveling?


“Do what you can do only now” is my “motto”.

When I plan my trip, I always look for something I can experience only in that place, or foods I can eat only in that restaurant. For example, I don’t often go to sightseeing spots. Instead, I check blogs or articles about local places/ recommendations written in Korean, and enjoy these places like a local with no tourists. Also this time I enjoyed a conversation in eating space in a random convenient store with local Korean students. This reminded me of my days studying as an exchange student in Korea, and that was one of highlights of my trip.


What was the biggest impression of your South Korea trip?


That’s the moment I found a lovely dress in second hand shop. I usually go shipping for the same shops, but this time my friend took me to a different one. Design wise, and size wise, the dress was perfect to me. I’ve been to South Korea more than 10 times, but every time I can find something new here. That’s why I found South Korea very attractive.


What is the biggest connecting experience during your trip?


A host of our accommodation was an old couple, and they were very warm and friendly! Even before I went to bed, they said to me, “What time do you leave the place? We prepare a breakfast for you before that”. That made me feel like staying my grandma and grandpa’s place! They used to accept only Korean travelers, but luckily I happened to stay with them and experienced something very local. Friendliness of people is also the reason why I visit South Korea. I should have taken a photo with them!

Where do you want to go next?


I want to go to Croatia to enjoy local foods!