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Connectors are Travelers Vol.03 Mai, Ladakh India

In Emblem Hotel, we call ourselves “connectors”.
We always think that each of our member is a person who connect people, like between locals and travelers.

As a connector, who connect travelers from all over the world, we also need to have travelers’ mind-set. So we decided to encourage our colleagues to take a vacation for traveling, and share “travelers’ point of view” within our member.

Mai, front desk connector in Emblem Stay Kanazawa , wrote her “Connectors are travelers” column.


Where is your destination?


I visited Leh, Ladakh in India.


Why did you choose Ladakh for your visit?


I have actually been to India before, but last time I couldn’t have a chance to visit this area.
Even I started working in Japan, I couldn’t forget the senery of Leh, Ladakh from my favorite movie, “3 idiots”, so I decided to visit there. Also, my twin sister is currently working in India, so I wanted to see her life in India.


What is your motto of traveling?


“Travel as you are” is my motto.
When you work and spend busy days, it feels it is sometimes very difficult to be yourself. That’s why I try to be myself and be as I am when I travel. I just ask myself “What I want to eat”, “Where I want to stay”, and “Where I want to visit”.
Every time I travel, I face something making me happy. I just realized that being happy is an important thing to be happy. After I realized it, I am able to be “myself” even I go back to my daily life.


What was the biggest impression of your Ladakh trip?


The main purpose of my trip was visiting Pangong Lake, but it was very tough to reach there. The lake is located around 5,000 meters high, and I got sick because of this.
I couldn’t thank enough my boy friend, driver Mr. Wan-Tuk, locals in a small village and temple. Local people provided drinks and that saved my life.


What is the biggest connecting experience during your trip?


I met a female Tibetan owner of one cloth shop.
In the future, I have a plan to work out side of Japan, so I learned a lot from her that living in a different country, and how she has been living in that place. I heard lots of stories from her about Tibet, India, and a story how she started her cloth shop.
Also, I was lucky that I had a chance to see Dalai Lama.



Where do you want to go next?


I have only been to Asian countries, so I want to go somewhere outside from Asia next time. If you have any recommendation, please let me know!