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Kanazawa: Wonderful day with Kimono Vol.1

In Emblem, we call ourselves “Connector”

We think it is very important that we enjoy local ourselves and then we tell guest it with real story as a connector.

So this time, we collaborate with Kokoyui which is rental kimono shop in kanazwa to have local experience.


This time, Cecilie and Minamo share this special experience with Kimono.



12:00 Renting and wearing Kimono at Kokoyui  (https://kokoyui.com)

     You can choose from more than 300 types of kimono!


13:00 Heading to Higashi Chaya District


13:30 Having pancakes at Tamon cafe (https://cafetamon.jp)


14:30 Exploring Higashi Chaya District and Kazue-machi Chaya District


15:30 Kanazawa Castle Park


16:00 Coffee break at Kanazawa-ya Coffee shop in front of the castle



16:30 Heading back to Kokoyui


Cecilie’s Experience


So today I got to experience the beautiful city of Kanazawa, though the eyes of the local people. My sweet coworker Minamo took me on a guided tour of the city, and as if that wasn’t enough I even got to do all this, wearing the most beautiful traditional Japanese kimono. What better way to learn more about this fantastic culture, then to try it on your own body with a local.


The Kimono shop was like being a kid in a candy store. It was so nice because they had something for everybody. You could find kimonos in every style in there. There were traditional ones, colorful ones with the most beautiful flowers and prints but if that isn’t your style they had some in more neutral colors or a more minimalistic vipe as well. I ended up going with sapphire blue and white one. It was one of my favorites because I thought it looked pretty cool with my gray hair and green eyes. What can I say, I totally were the kid in the candy store!


I got to see the old Higashi Chaya District, with all its original old tea houses. It’s was like stepping in to another time, with locals wearing Kimonos, and the small original shops everywhere.

After having lunch in the cutest little cafe called, Cafe Tamon, we made our way though the city to Kanazawa castle. I still can’t really believe the age of this place. The castle and the park surrounding it, is simply just breathtaking. I can’t wait to see it all in the cherry blossom later this month.


The last stop on our magical trip though the city was Omicho market. At this fish market you can find anything your heart desires when it comes to seafood. This is a place a lot of locals will get their fresh supplies, of everything good from the ocean. The stuff here is in fact so fresh that the king crabs, are actually still moving around in their boxes. As soaking up the buzzing atmosphere we made our way back to the Kimono shop. All in all this has been an amazing experience. I have gotten to see a glimpse of the real Kanazawa, and how the locals themselves see it. The amazing staff here at Emblem Stay Kanazawa are always more then happy to answer any of your questions, and come with their own local recommendation for “must sees”. We are always more then happy to help, or just have a chat in our social bar. Should you ever find yourself in the historical city of Kanazawa, you are always more than welcome here at Emblem Stay.