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In Emblem, we call ourselves “Connector”
We think it is very important that we enjoy local ourselves and then we tell guest it with real story as a connector.
So this time, we collaborate with Kokoyui which is rental kimono shop in kanazwa to have local experience.

This time, Rina from Russia share this special experience with Kimono.



14:00 Renting and wearing Kimono at Kokoyui (https://kokoyui.com)
15:30 Heading to Kenroku garden
17:30 Exploring to Higashi Chaya district.
18:30 Having drink and dishes at Emblem social bar
19:30 Return kimono at hotel
It is really useful serves! You don’t need to worry about return time.


【Rina’s experience】

“Good day for kimono!” – the morning of March 19, 2019 began with these words. It was surprisingly sunny and warm in often cloudy and rainy Kanazawa! Today, our international team of four people (Spain, Korea, Russia, Japan) had to try on traditional kimono clothing and walk through the streets of the capital of Ishikawa prefecture. I will share with you the secrets of a best walking tour in Kanazawa:



Our choice fell on the rent shop «Kokoyui”. Apparently because of the good weather, there were a lot of people who wanted to rent a kimono today, so it was necessary to quickly choose what you like. And this is not so easy! All components of the kimono, you can choose by yourself! It took me more than 30 minutes … When the choice was made, it remains only to determine where to go in a beautiful kimono.



One of my cherished wishes, even before coming to Japan, was wearing a kimono and go to admire sakura. However, March 19 is too early date for sakura, but for admiring plum flowers “Ume” is the right time!



For this we went to Kenrokuen. This garden is considered as one of the three most beautiful parks in Japan. Only by coming here personally, you will understand why. Kenrokuen is beautiful in each season.

Our next point of visit was the Higashichaya district. On the way to it, our road ran through the territory of Kanazawa Castle.



What a scale, what a beauty! In the area of Higashichaya is usually very crowded throughout the day. We came in the evening when there were fewer people. Walking through these streets, you could feel like a hero of a historical film.



This day was so intense that I did not notice how our little journey around Kaazawa was nearing its end. We decided to have our dinner at Emblem Stay’s bar. Karaage here is the most delicious, and cocktails for every taste!



Thanks to the Kokoyui, March 19 became one of the most memorable days of my stay in Japan, thank you