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On August 30th, EMBLEM STAY KANAZAWA had a special meetup night collaborated with Kanazawa Brewery at EMBLEM SOCIAL BAR! We celebrated the opening of our new sister property EMBLEM APARTMENT KANAZAWA!


(EMBLEM connectors with Ms Suzumori from Kanazawa Brewery)


EMBLEM APARTMENT KANAZAWA opened August 9th, and is located beside “Asanogawa River.” At this event, Kanazawa Brewery’s original beer “Asanogawa” was specially available at our bar with a special price!!


(”Asanogawa” beer)


“Asanogawa” beer is categorized as Barley Wine, which tastes really sweet. They make it with Sake yeast, malted rice and more than three times of malt compared to which is contained in normal beers.


(EMBLEM STAY’s guests tasting “Asanogawa” beer)


Soon after we started the event, more and more people joined us and as you can see in the photo, it was quite packed!! In total, surprisingly, more than 50 people gathered from local and all over the world!


(DJ performance by EMBLEM connector Fumiya!)


We had a blast altogether with EMBLEM connector Fumiya’s last DJ!


We hope EMBLEM APARTMENT KANAZAWA goes well and would be a relaxing and comfortable place. Also, we all wish “Asanogawa” beer from Kanazawa Brewery would be known to more and more people. Don’t forget to check it out when you come to Kanazawa!!


Here at EMBLEM STAY KANAZAWA, we organize international meetup event every Friday. We always want locals and guests from all over the world to connect with each other and have a precious memory together! Why don’t you join us and meet the world at EMBLEM STAY KANAZAWA!



Thank you.